Cannibal Ox x Lady Bird art process

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Here’s a process post for my Cannibal Ox x Lady Bird illustration, which ran with a story I wrote for Super Empty.

All drawing was done in Clip Studio. I left out the initial blueline sketches because there’s almost nothing to them. Just lumps where the people are. This one came together pretty quickly.

I think it’s funny that I drew a half-decent likeness of Timothee Chalamet and then completely obscured it with the Cannibal Ox logo (or my version anyway), but it achieved what I wanted it to.

If you’d like to read my in-depth essay about the Cannibal Ox poster that appears on the wall for a couple seconds in Lady Bird, please do. I even talked to Traci Spadorcia, the set decorator! Click here to check it out! Meanwhile, here’s the art progression: