Ghost Variant

In 2012, a group of comic book retailers banded together to produce secret, exclusive covers to popular comic books. As Art Director of Ghost Variant, I designed the Ghost Variant logo, and worked with artists, publishers, and the group of retailers mentioned above.

In July 2014, Boing Boing published an interview conducted byJim Rugg in which I revealed the secrets of the Ghost Variant to the public for the first time. Click here to read the interview.

Walking Dead Ghost Variant art by Jim Rugg.
Saga Ghost Variant art by Paul Pope & Fiona Staples.
Fatale Ghost Variant art by Darwyn Cooke.
Sex Criminals Ghost Variant art by Yuko Shimizu.
12 Reasons to Die Ghost Variant art by Jason Jägel.
An assortment of Ghost Variant comics printed after my tenure with GV, still using my logo.








Ghost Variant

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